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Scott Fischer Memorial in Chukla Lare

Our Trip to Everest Base Camp

Standing in front of Mt Everest on our climb to Kala Patthar. Everest is the peak on the far left.

Mt Everest was high on my bucket list my whole life. I remember reading about the tragedy in 1996 with Scott Fisher and Rob Hall and my thoughts were they died doing what they loved, not that I had a death wish, but I always imagined looking down from the highest place in the world.  So most of our travels thus far had been planned, but this one wasn’t.  The idea started on a trek in Northern India to see  Kanchenjunga,  the third highest peak in India, when my wife Lynda mentioned to me that her trip to see the Stans ie: Kazakhstan,Turkmenistan,Uzbekistan was going to cost us thousands of dollars and take over 24 hours of flight time. Crazy when you think if you could draw a straight line you could be there in about 4 hours.  Since we were on a budget, I decided to see what else we could do to fill that time slot that we had given to go there. That’s when  I realized that we had to fly back to Katmandu and what do you do when you are in Katmandu. Well, you go to Everest because it’s the hopping off spot. I quickly checked the dates and realized that if we took a trekking trip to Everest, we would be there around the 25th anniversary of the accident and a time when they normally summit the top. After  researching different trekking companies  we picked one that would ultimately be a great find for us. We chose Himalayan Wonders.  It was a choice we ended up being very happy about.  Great service at a great price. What more could you ask for. We chose the 14 day trek which included our stays at the tea houses (Places you sleep), all the food/drink and entrance fees to Sagarmatha Park.  At the time it was around $1,200 US dollars which was reasonable when others were charging up to four thousand dollars (I won’t mention names)and they stayed at the very same places we did. Some even camped outside in tents…yikes.  Athough tea houses are not insulated and warm, at least you have a bathroom down the hallway and the thought of climbing out of a sleeping bad in the freezing weather to go do your business did not sound very appealing.  Also, I would suggest being in decent shape which would make the trip more enjoyable and less painful. Overall it was one of my favorite things we did in the 14 mos of travel.

We made it to Base Camp on day 11.


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